Our Packages
An infusion of vitamin B commonly known as the “Myer’s Cocktail” which has been found to assist in immune function, stress relief, and higher levels of energy.
This infusion replenishes your bodies fluids while supplying you with vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients to help relief the aches and pains associated with the consumption of too much alcohol, also known as Veisalgia (“Hangover").
An infusion filled with antioxidants and nutrients which have been found to stimulate brain function and support your cell’s growth.
You’ll just have to see for yourself what this infusion may be used for.
You can’t build a house unless you have all the right tools and materials. The Fit Fix is filled with amino acids, antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins specially tailored for your exercise regimen, weight loss plan, and physique goals.
Promote a healthy cardiovascular system using this infusion to assist with what you have already been trying to accomplish with your new meal plan and healthy eating habits.
This infusion assists in the detoxification of heavy metals stored in our bodies after years and years of poor dieting, fast food, polluted air, and other toxins we subject ourselves to in our everyday lives.
A play on the Spanish words which directly translated means “Pure Farts” or “You got to be kidding,” this infusion, using probiotics, antioxidants, nutrients, and other cell supports, helps to regulate your digestive system and promote a healthy gut.